Psychology of the teacher's honor.

Psychology of the teacher's honor.
Children do not learn, but they know their rights before the teachers of the school and" shake", thanks to social networks and the influence of parents.
Moreover, according to statistics, most often the rights are swung by schoolchildren who do not want to learn under all sorts of clever pretexts, read fr om the Internet.
The origins of everything are in the Honor of the teacher. And then there is the Honor of the student, which is hurt by the teacher.
A teacher who has the honor will never allow the degradation of the educational process, even in the conditions of the degradation of the educational system caused by the criminal bureaucratization of the reporting and pedagogical process! ...
Alas! More and more often , teachers who do not have the Honor of a Teacher come to work at the school. However, this applies not only to the pedagogical sphere.
"I have the honor to introduce myself!" - so they used to say in Russia in the past. They spoke and reminded of the presence of Honor. It is very important to indicate in time before the conversation that you have an Honor available and let the interlocutor take this into account when communicating. If it does not take into account, then there may be a conflict, swearing, physical assault or a duel. Often point out and remind people that you have an Honor! Obviously, you need to realize that you really have honor not only in words.
It is necessary to recognize that the soldiers of the Russian Army, shooting their colleagues and officers-teachers, did it out of desperation and bullying because their Honor was hurt. Where does the Honor go when the victim suffers a long time of bullying and humiliation of Honor? Honor does not go away , if it exists. She's waiting for her Rush Hour! It's maturing! And the Deed happens!
We must always know that Others always have Honor. We must always know that we have Honor! We must always remind Others that We have the Honor!
The teacher should have the honor to point out to the students what might offend their Honor. For example, does it hurt the Honor of the Teacher that a student or student, knowing nothing about the subject, and sometimes not even knowing the name of the subject, comes to take an exam in this subject? Such a student gains the audacity and courage to distract the teacher. There are many anecdotes on this topic. Does the student thereby offend the Honor of the Teacher? Does the student thereby humiliate Himself? Does it humiliate the teacher?
What is the origin of all this? In the tolerance of those whose honor is offended!... A destructive culture of tolerance for honor-slinging is wh ere it comes from!

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