The psychology of film-making: about the Gods of cinema.

The psychology of film-making: about the Gods of cinema.
Do Gods have careers? He is already in you with his musical harmonies (composer Lepin, who wrote the music for the movie "Carnival Night"). It's An Eternity. He is the guide of the Most High.

Making a movie out of mosaics (Riazans) created by the Gods of Cinema is not yet the level of talent of the true Gods of Cinema. Read K. Tarantino about how he appreciates these Gods of Cinema, without which Cinema is impossible.

Irreplaceability is the main criterion! By the way, E. Ryazanov was aware of his composing, and not authorship in the cinema, and therefore wrote His Poems. His poetry is from God!

Genius can be: music, screenplay, acting, in special cases, cinematography, etc. Filmmaking can only be talented. Andrei Tarkovsky would be a genius if he wrote scripts and literary works on the basis of which he made films. Tarkovsky can only be described as a super-talented film director, and this is also a high assessment!

Great artists are the Gods of the visual arts, since they are not the compilers of visual works . Paint and canvas, and no one else around but nature.

And a film director is the head of a workshop filled with people of different professions, from each of whom you need to pick up what you need for a movie. Now it is necessary for film directors to take from the Gods of Mathematical Programming. At the same time, film directing is a special talent! And, sometimes, even super-talent! But to compare this talent with what the True Gods of Cinema possess is incorrect!....Well, is it possible to compare the great aircraft designer of the plane with the head of the shop, who collects this plane and rolls it out for review to the whole World.

Gurchenko and Ryazanov woke up famous after "Carnival Night", but I wonder if they did not forget to thank Ilyinsky and Filippov for this success, for their stream of brilliant improvisations that caused the Main Success, as well as the screenwriter and composer? We must not forget about the Gods of Cinema! But the cream of the success caused by the main authors of success is not given to everyone to consume. Gurchenko and Riazanov were worthy of this surprise. And life has shown it! They evolved.Alas! Eldar Ryazanov was very dependent on the talent of the screenwriter. Lyudmila Gurchenko from the talent of the director. But the Gods of Cinema often do not depend on anyone...They do not have a sunset from the fact that other Gods of Cinema stop cooperating with them: talented screenwriters, directors, composers... Around the Gods of Cinema, on the contrary, all those who work in the cinema and for the sake of cinema are lined up like planets around the sun and go to cooperate...

Oleg Dal is a master of dramatic art, but in terms of skill he is not ranked with Vladimir Vysotsky and Andrey Mironov, who are inferior and ranked only for love and popularity among the audience. You have ordained Lyudmila Gurchenko and Oleg Dahl. Alas! These are different levels! Ryadopozhennost on the level of acting ( theater), not to be confused with ryadopozhennost on the level of artistry ( vocals, performance, dance, etc.)

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of the KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Ramil Garifullin
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