A bill on the right of regions to independently regulate the number of homeless cats and dogs was submitted to the State Duma yesterday.
The document introduces a provision according to which, based on the level of minimum budget security, the state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation carry out their own legal regulation of the number of animals without owners located in animal shelters in the region.
Here are my thoughts on this matter.
The origins of the vile statistics of deadly dog bites in the soaking of human life...that is, in the growing need of people for dogs, not people...this is the phenomenon of human seepage...once there was my big article about it.... For some
reason I remembered about the hard times with pig and fanged dogs...which were then massively killed by the owners themselves...horror! The fashion for these wolfhounds is gone!
You always need a psychological consultation with those who want to buy a dog. The fate of these buyers with their dogs is statistically destructive! But there is the friendship of a dog and a man as an example to follow. This happens less often...alas!
And yet, I appeal to the owners of dogs. If you want to objectively see a psychological portrait of yourself, then you have a chance to do it. While there is snow in Russia, take a look at the yellowness of the paths of parks and squares , as well as the darker colors of white snow. In winter, this is clearly visible.
Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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