About vulture and opposition bullshit.

About vulture and opposition bullshit.
There are political forces and specific individuals who are now like vultures and political sadists waiting for the collapse of the ruble, economic cataclysms, political turmoil and impoverishment of the Russians. Some of them are vulturously waiting for it from behind bars. It's good for them! They'll make money out of it. Various entities from across the hill have invested in them. For example, now they are ecstatically waiting for US sanctions, which will bring down the ruble heavily and impoverish and distemper among Russians will begin. These political forces , of course, will call the people after them and direct them against the current discredited kleptocratic government, towards democracy, towards justice. But the life of the people will never be as comparatively satisfactory (the Russian people have not yet grown so fat!) as it was before. High oil, despite the plundering of the Fatherland, has borne fruit and these successes have nothing to do with the current government. Oil has painted the success of the current government and everyone understands this! And all this has long been going to turn off the West. And Biden-senile with dementia has nothing to do with it.
It can hardly be better. Russia has its own way! Russia needs a powerful correction, not new destructive shocks that will destroy our empire.
Alas, everything goes to the fact that crooks and non-professionals, armed with modern information technologies with the help of Western influence and investment, are striving for power.
The government is flirting with the West and with this new political force.
The trouble is that Russia has not formed a decent opposition, and only politically unprofessional upstarts are climbing, manipulating the ratings of views, likes and information technologies. And this is the fault of the current government itself. She herself gave birth to this oppositional bullshit!
There will be no coupons, but the program of restrictions is already being prepared.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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