Navalny, Zelensky, and simulacra.

Navalny, Zelensky, and simulacra.
Navalny, apparently, at heart, envies Ukrainian President Zelensky, who once masterfully and easily in a short time with the help of simulacra formed by the feature film "Servant of the People" came to power. I will not talk about how Zelensky secured the legitimacy of his power, since the basis of his success was still the feature film "Servant of the People". This is a fact!

It is known that the world of the simulacrum is more alive and relevant than the real world. Zelensky sparasitated on this.

Let's remember ourselves as a child. For us, as a child, Winnie-the-Pooh was more important and more real than reality, and not some real bear cub in the zoo. I can imagine what would happen to the children if this Winnie-the-Pooh really came to the children, right fr om the screen...a small one, club-footed and really smelling like honey from a pot...Since some time ago, this has become possible in the world.

The main character of the TV series and simulacrum "Servant of the People", who turned from just a teacher into the President of Ukraine, descended to the Ukrainians from the TV screen. So straight out of the screen in the cinema to the people and the people followed him...

Navalny's path is different - it is the path of documentary cinema. Wh ere there are almost no simulacra, but if they are, they are much less than in feature films. The characters in Navalny's films are not fictional. And Navalny himself is not a fictional hero, unlike the main character "Servant of the People" from which the lucky Zelensky got out.

Time passed and Zelensky got used to it. Now this simulacrum of Zelensky's "servant of the people" has come out of the TV ...from the film, thanks to the wishes of Ukrainians and the results of their voting.

Now the Ukrainians are following the simulacrum of Zelensky's "servant of the people", looking at it, studying it...Time has passed and there is no longer the former joy from the perception of the real Zelensky, but there is a gap between the simulacrum "servant of the people" and the real Zelensky. We will not discuss what Zelensky is building new simulacra and nonsense about himself with the help of television. This is a different problem of his presidency.

Ukrainians see that he is not so happy. And the people of Ukraine are beginning to forget about the simulacrum "servant of the people". After all, in the film he was happy, but in reality now he is not happy. And the film "Servant of the People" has somehow not looked so happy for Ukrainians for a long time.

Navalny has nothing to do with the simulacrum "servant of the people", unlike Zelensky. Navalny, it would seem, films are documentaries and the characters are not fictional. But to what extent is the phenomenon of simulacra completely absent from Navalny's films? After all, even any documentary film has a share of staging, theatrical drama, the attitude of the author of the film to the events taking place. And yet, in Navalny's documentaries , in which he sometimes "spars" on a teleprompter, there is an essence and a link to reality, in contrast to the simulacrum of "servant of the people", which the Ukrainians were tempted to use as bait.

I wonder if the Russian people would be able to be tempted by such a bait if Navalny were an actor and would play a similar role as a "servant of the people" in a feature film in the Russian open spaces?

Apparently, the Russian people would not fall for such a bait, due to a different mentality and the lack of democracy, which is chronically impossible in Russia. Apparently, this is why Navalny chose the path of documentary cinema. At the same time, it cannot be said that thanks to Navalny's documentaries, the image and simulacrum of Navalny is not formed, which has or will have a difference between the real Navalny and the virtual one. This is the era of postmodernism and simulacra, which often break away from reality and live their own lives and do not even want to listen to reality. But this is the problem of Russia's future.

Postmodernism with its simulacra can not be canceled, but Navalny is now sitting in a real prison and this is not a film. Why did this happen?

Now there are many opinions on this issue. Some talk about his mistake, thanks to which he himself absurdly left Germany for prison. Others, on the contrary, believe that everything that is happening takes place within the framework of the project and Navalny will still manifest himself, and in the near future, not after leaving prison.

In any case, Navalny was again the victim of simulacra drawn by the media and the Internet, which became the main condition for his inadequate perception of what is happening in the world , thanks to his participation and contribution. After all, sometimes it is very difficult to make objective conclusions only on the basis of the fuss and the rating of views on the Internet. It can turn your head! ( We reject the version that Navalny's brain has changed due to poisoning and we reject the objectivity of understanding what is happening).

The world is not the Internet! Reality is not the Internet! Reality will strike unexpectedly from the back of the head of those who are passionate about browsing the Internet! Reality and the Internet are not identical!

Inadequate representations of their role and influence in Russian political processes, caused by the influence of the Internet - these are the sources of Navalny's mistake.

On the other hand, in the era of postmodernism, it is naive to hang historical analogies on what will happen in the future... The world is ruled by situationality, and therefore it is naive and absurd to extend analogies a la Lenin, a la Solzhenitsyn, a la Yeltsin to Alexei Navalny. To hope for the archetypal phenomenon of the "prisoner of conscience" is also absurd! They say that he will sit in prison and acquire political fame and world fame.

The version that Navalny obeyed the investors and went to prison according to their scenario, and we will later learn about this political project, which is being conducted from over the hill, has a probability. We will observe the scenarios of the United States and Europe. But I want to believe that Navalny is the author of himself, and not the product of someone else's projects!

In any case, there was a calculation for a certain reaction of the Russian society, which for some reason did not happen. Not the right situation! Not everything came together!

The world has changed and the traditional scenarios that were in history, now do not work. The world is playing dice! And everyone makes their own bets. Navalny's last bid with the prison was unsuccessful.

But the game continues. And bets will be placed. The era of postmodernism with its games and simulacra continues...

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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