Why do they interfere with vaccination in Russia?

Why do they interfere with vaccination in Russia?
What motivates people agitating to refuse vaccinations against coronavirus?
The day before, a round table on vaccination was held in Tatarstan, which anti-vaccination activists tried to disrupt. What they wanted to achieve.
The State Duma elections are coming soon, and various structures are looking for ways to promote themselves. Now it will only increase. Therefore, under the sauce of fighting the coronavirus, they present their structures. This should be taken into account, because they want to" on the ball " propiaritsya on this situation. Then the same structures, the same people will be present at other events.
It is known that some of those who oppose the coronavirus vaccine, some time ago opposed the wearing of protective masks, the installation of 5G towers, the construction of new roads.
Often, people begin to spread ideas about the dangers of vaccination among friends, relatives and in social networks. Among them, there is a share of those who do it, objectively aware of the risks. But there is another subgroup — it is politicized and initially has a negative attitude towards everything Russian. Everything that our country achieves is ignored by them. They believe that only what is created abroad can be effective. There is an agent propaganda, maybe even among the population, so that we do not have pride in our developments. I am sure that there is such a political component in the electorate.
We can assume that there are some structures that are worried about the health of Russians. And so they invest, invest in this propaganda. It's nice if that's the case. But this is now a time when any phenomena that occur on the Internet are often invested. If someone is well promoted, a large number of views, there is often an investment. And again we go to politicization. Therefore, it is questionable, this aspect should be investigated.
If it turns out that people were engaged in such projects even before the introduction of the vaccine, then most likely they specialize in always finding "problems" and supposedly presenting them to society. After that, for example, they can present themselves as a candidate for deputies. Now in society it is very important to promote yourself, so people are looking for different ways. One of the best is supposedly doing good to keep people safe
Why do Russians have a fear of vaccination? people now have a lot of different information, on the basis of which they can draw conclusions for themselves. For some, they are alarming, for some-positive. And the perception of this large flow of information depends on what information the person received — maybe he was digging only in something negative. On the other hand, it depends on the person himself. If an anxious person has only good information about the vaccine, they will still perceive it negatively. Because he has such an attitude perception.There is an anxiety-phobic type of people, they are afraid not only of the coronavirus, but also of anything. This percentage of people is considerable, they have a certain psychotype. They have not suffered yet, but because of their psyche, just in case, they do not take this step. For them, there is a big barrier that they do not have enough to overcome
This fear can only be overcome by objective information about the harmlessness of this vaccine, which must be very well justified, logically proven, and convincing. This is very important. If there is any doubt, then there will always be fear, it will never be overcome. You can, of course, introduce a person into a certain state, but this will be a crime against a person.
It is necessary to explain to people: if the vaccine still becomes bad, then the danger from this is not so great. We need to focus on the fact that if there are any consequences, they are not so dangerous. This idea should be developed.
To be the stage when we begin to see that our neighbors caught — and all elegant, colleagues caught — and all elegant, but still have to wait. Then people will be vaccinated in an avalanche. But we haven't reached this stage yet.
Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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