The main critic of the Russian government.

The main critic of the Russian government.
Now there are a lot of good and relevant political texts in the media. Some of them Zadornov would have appreciated highly. But for greater strength and sympathy, the main critic of the Russian government should not be praised. The analyst is valuable when there is no sympathy. There is no positive. There is no negative. But there is , objective! The opposition is needed now. And the people have appetites. And we are often given a rotten and old opposition. This, of course, is bullshit! Or they slip a tempting and bright one, like a bait. We need an objective analysis of the investors who are forming these temptations to the main critic of the government who has come to Russia. Among them, apparently, there are already many oligarchs. They have already consolidated the prospects of this main critic of the Russian government and made him dependent on them.

So far, many analysts who support this main critic have the excitement of fans. Excitement is a bright and positive experience that adorns our lives. But it obscures the eyes fr om the objective. We still have a lot of objective things to learn about this main critic of the government. Now his rating is growing by leaps and bounds. These are the laws of the ram-gambling herd, which wants changes.
We need a historical analysis, taking into account what this new thing then turned into! You need to know those who really stand behind the desire to destroy the shaky, but still stable state of Russia. Although stagnation is frightening!

Try to promote something yourself in Russia?! Impossible! Even to promote a video text . It's not easy! And the main critic of the Russian government magically succeeded! And he probably didn't do it himself! It's more complicated than that. It was successfully monetized within the Internet. 100 million views is no joke! But views are not a people and a socio-political movement, but only approaches to it.
And the reaction to the fact that the authorities have restricted a successful critic and put him in a cage is obvious and is herd automatism. This is how the people have always been manipulated and deceived. Read the story.
In an environment wh ere there is no example to follow in any country, when real imaginary successes are revealed, even in a successful and quiet Switzerland, objectivity and vigilance are necessary. There are many temptations and excitement ! They need to be reined in for a more objective perception of all that is now gaining momentum.

Russians, without noticing it, have turned into lured "fans" or viewers who watch with excitement on TV and the Internet as the main critic of the government effectively influences society. Some of these "fans" go out on the street. This happens often when football fans take to the streets and demonstrate in favor of their team or their idol. The postmodern era has not been canceled. The society of the spectacle, society show, society theater is booming!... Previously, this spectacle was held only within the framework of television. Now, with the help of the Internet, it is like under a magnifying glass has increased to a significant size.

Recently I saw a video clip of the main critic of the Russian government and his wife ( Here she is an ideal couple for influencing young people in order to preserve the institution of the family in Russia!) He looks at his wife. Pause. Just like in Stirlitz and his wife in the movie "17 moments of Spring". This is only a component of the fact that society continues to live within the society-performance framework. Or maybe this idol is not an analogue of Stirlitz? And the analogue of Lenin, who returned so absurdly from Germany. Lenin was more successful! Solzhenitsyn? By the way, they are already talking about the Nobel Prize…
Thus, society, due to its myopia and biased perception, attributes and prescribes its primitive scenarios to what is happening. Prescribes a person who wants to mature into a truly mature opposition leader. And who is the director of this play? We will find out this by the amount in the cash register. We will learn this after the foreign policy activity of the West and its investors, who will try to use this spectacle pragmatically for their own needs. The people, of course, will traditionally remain on the sidelines, but they will be used. But so far, it is difficult to take advantage of the people. People are lured in pyatnashka-Pyaterochka Russia (quietly receives an average of tag and goes to the roundabout).

The media prescribes, often what happens next.This is the era of postmodernism, the era of the society-performance. Roles, scenarios… Draw an analog of Lenin and a new Lenin will come! Draw a new Solzhenitsyn and a new Nobel laureate will be born. The one who pays draws it…
The country is stagnating. And the people are only watching the main critic of Russia. Even his silence in the cage is stronger than his speeches and videos.

The people are watching with excitement and interest. Will this passivity and observation disappear when this lure of the people disappears? After all, there is no hunger! Cereals are still cheap.
And is it only the lure of the people that prevents the people from supporting this main critic of the government? Perhaps it is the doubt that this critic works for all sorts of overseas investors and beneficiaries that prevents it? Only time will tell.… Although the fed channels strongly promoted this opinion.
At the same time, I note that history is paradoxical and there is always a chance that the people can go after this main critic? And so I want him not to be on the leash of investors from over the hill.
In the meantime, the society-performance continues and the society is trying to shake with the help of these productions a la Lenin, a la Yeltsin, a la Stirlitz…
One thing is upsetting. There are so many well-fed people in Russia who do not empathize with this main critic and are even happy to isolate him. This is a fact!

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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