About the political manipulation of young people and the problematic situation of the Russian government.

About the political manipulation of young people and the problematic situation of the Russian government.
Russia is in a difficult foreign-political situation. Color revolutions are taking place all over the world using different leaders. This is a statistic, this is a fact, this is an actual story. And at such a time, it is problematic to muddy the state of the system. We will weaken and decompose. At the same time, it is necessary to recognize that there is a domestic political problem. This is stagnation, degradation of power, etc. This problem should be solved, but as the state is preserved under the pressure of world economic leaders. In the end, as historical practice shows, all these movements towards "progress" and "democracy", alas, while in the world bring profits to certain global investors. They use all sorts of leaders around the world, in which they invest. This is done in our time with the help of modern information technology tools.

If we analyze deeply the media that support this "progress towards democracy", then, in the end, it turns out that they are promised something by future new investors. This is shown by modern current history and analytics. The world has long lived in the format of powerful economic pragmatism, having discarded the romantic-revolutionary format, which is only used as a tool of manipulation by various world economic leaders and investors. You need to learn to see these hidden investments!

It is necessary to recognize that Russia and the Russian government have not given anything to young people. When I see a thin and exhausted young man with a large rectangular backpack delivering food for Russians, I see the essence of the problem of young people. This is very symbolic! Young people in debt, young families in debt slavery. Young people are stuck and squeezed, they have no prospects, and so they look around and lick their lips to the West .

Young people also have a motley level of their intelligence. A lot of talent! But, alas! A large proportion of young people have low social and scientific intelligence. Here it is-the condition for effective manipulation of them. Often young people have to finish their studies and only later do they begin to understand what kind of manipulation they were victims of. Not to mention the manipulations that cause young people to die in the war, while high-ranking military officials and their children degrade in the hothouse conditions of the capital. There are no grounds for patriotic education of young people. It owes nothing to Russia, as Russia has given it nothing. But young people should ! She must pay for her education and apartment loans. Or, in order not to plunge yourself into debt slavery, without any prospects for development, to sit on the neck of your parents. The motivation for marriage among young people has fallen sharply. Look at the problematic format of modern families.

Among young people. There are also mature people who have already visited the West and know a lot, but only those who can sell themselves within the framework of their progressive profession ( programmers , young scientists, etc.).

A deep philosophical understanding of what is happening in the world of foreign and domestic policy of various countries suggests that the era of postmodernism has not been canceled. Therefore, the essence of various social institutions is perverted: politics, religion, education, etc.
This perversion is due to the fact that the global dollar has entered into all these structures of society. The political power of the leaders has long been gone, as these leaders are limited by investors and financial obligations. The world, after all, is ruled by hidden beneficiaries. The political will is eaten away and twisted by these investors. And if any leader is cheerful before the people, they say, has the political will, then, in the end, time shows that this is not so! He must sooner or later bargain with the investors. If a new opposition government comes to Russia, it will be backed by investors, not the interests of the people.

Therefore, purely conceptually, it is necessary to learn to objectively assess the opposition leaders emerging in the country.

Thus, the tradition of revolutions and coups is an anachronism. But these ideas will still be used by the world's major investors to manipulate the peoples of the world. It's a technology. These technologies and investments have also come to Russia . They are slowly gaining momentum. These technologies are green-lit within the framework of information technologies, global social networks and Internet resources, the foundation of which is controlled by the West and the United States. China has learned to defend itself against this process in a limited way. But it's not that easy!

It has become profitable to monetize within the framework of political projects. The value is not the result, but the number of views, hype, success on the Internet, advertising, profit.
In Russia, there are leaders who are able to make big profits on political ideas , using the Internet. Their number will grow. Even if they do not achieve the result, they will receive income from this project, since there are effective cultured forms of receiving and begging money using Internet technologies. Manipulative technologies to entice customers to pay for payments take place within the framework of various projects, including political ones. It is necessary to recognize that Russia has emerged as a powerful leader in this area. If it is successful, the number of investors will grow. And if the government cannot restrict this investment, it will be doomed. The situation of the Russian government will be aggravated in this situation of pressure from opposition investors, if world oil prices remain chronically low for a long time.

It must be recognized that the Russian government has lost its influence on society, relying only on its federal TV channels. People sit on the Internet and watch the TV program "Vremya" less and less often. Internet democracy has gained momentum and is already being manipulated by anyone in Russia, but not by the authorities. This is a fact! And the authorities will take measures. And hardly effective. Therefore, the contours of the doom of power are being drawn in connection with the growing Internet democracy. Perhaps there will be times of restriction of Internet use and projects are being developed in this regard not only in Russia, but also in the United States. China is a leader in these projects.

Tricks with the appearance of opposition leaders, thanks to the magic Internet, the Russian government should perceive objectively. To do this, we need to remember that the arrival of the leader of our country to power was also a trick, the foundation of which was laid by Anatoly Sobchak , who skillfully used the magical phenomenon of television at the first Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR. Then a little-known professor from Leningrad, Anatoly Sobchak, was ordained and became Yeltsin's partner, thanks to his bright speeches and political tricks at this congress.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Psychology and Education of KFU, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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