Will the delayed effect come to multimillion-dollar coronavirus-free patients?

Will the delayed effect come to multimillion-dollar coronavirus-free patients?
More recently, the philosopher Dugin gave an interview and scared society with a coronavirus Apocalypse.

The analysis of Dugin's text reveals connotations! Apparently, age psychology is already making itself felt. For a philosopher, this is a minus. Although I used to treat it objectively. It was interesting for me, as I have been working on the mechanisms of philosophical creativity for a long time. Polyglot philosophers always alarmed me. Many prominent philosophers have never been polyglot. In the philosophy of respect for the depth and not width. A true philosopher is always the discoverer of concepts and the founder of a new worldview for ordinary people. Dugin does not have a lot of problems with this, although I am very grateful to him for his enlightenment in some areas of philosophy that our dense thinking people did not know in the 90's. In addition, I am grateful to him for visiting our Kazan elite philosophical club in the 90's, of which I was a member. Unfortunately, this club does not exist now . Those were interesting times.

I understand Dugin's emotions as someone who has experienced the suffering of friends and friends who have been diagnosed with covid. Moreover, I know many people who lose their loved ones and friends. Sometimes, it seems that a little more and in our world in General, people will die only from covid and there will be no more reasons for death. This is how society forms social nonsense!

Dugin was too lazy to rely on the objective research of scientists on the problem of covid and to introduce some objectivity as a philosopher. At least it would be possible to analyze the contradictory positions of scientists and this would give some objectivity. After all, it is not easy for 500 Belgian doctors and scientists to believe that the problem of covid is related to the flu. As a result, Dugin began to have connotations and phantasms that were passed off as a kind of look beyond the Horizon. The phenomenon and authority of Dugin was often based on the low philosophical and Philistine level of Russians and the enlightenment they need. It is impossible to parasitize on this for a long time. Although Dugin is listened to and listened to.

Now about Dugin's point of view on the problem of manipulation around the coronavirus.

It must be recognized that currently, misconceptions, illusions and manipulations around the coronavirus are mainly considered in two directions:

1. there is an objective error, due to the high error of diagnosis on covid (fifty-fifty), thanks to which a huge part of humanity does not have symptoms of the disease and does not suffer. ( see the monograph by R. R. Garifullin, " Psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus. SARS as a weapon of world economic war: https://psyfactor.org/lib/garifullin82.htm)

Although some people intimidate society that this is a delayed effect that will later manifest itself. The phenomenon of the delayed effect is still only a hypothesis and there is no solid scientific research on this subject. But Dugin, as an authority, can scare the delayed effect of all those who were mistakenly diagnosed with covid and they will wait for their future body failures. This is more dangerous than iatrogenia. This is a distress that can ruin the health of those with no symptoms. Therefore, the media with such authorities as Dugin should be more careful.

2. there is a huge death rate from covid, which is hidden by all means in order to save the economy (all social networks are filled with this).

3. there is an artificial overestimation of covid mortality in order to effectively invest in solving the covid problem. This includes the conspiracy theory that the coronavirus is a tool of the economic war of the United States and globalists against Russia. Either the coronavirus came without their knowledge, but they straddled it, or it was created by them as a biological weapon.

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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