Complex of the film actress Nina Ivanova.

Complex of the film actress Nina Ivanova.
There was no famous movie actress Nina Ivanova. For all Soviet people, she was a charming teacher fr om the movie "spring on Zarechnaya street" by Marlen Khutsiev. It wasn't just a teacher. This was an archetypal teacher, that is, a teacher to all teachers! Thanks to this, thousands of Soviet girls chose the profession of a teacher. This is still going on.
Nina Ivanova played about a dozen roles in movies, but the role of a teacher from Zarechnaya street brought her fame, which many professional Actresses envied, although Ivanova herself was not a professional actress and did not give a single media interview in her long life. There is not a single film actor in Russia and the USSR who has not given at least one interview in his life! Nina Ivanova did it! What was the reason for this? What was bothering this great Soviet film actress?
I would like to analyze this problem a bit, as a film Director and teacher who worked at the Institute of culture and arts, including at the Department of film and television.
Nina Ivanova's film career was bright, fast-paced, but painful. There were controversies caused by the fact that she was not a professional actress. Among some film Directors, an inadequate opinion was spread that Ivanova, as an actress, is very limited in her skills as a film actress and has so-called chronic artistic clamps and stiffness. Due to this, she was practically not shot in films and she had to get a job only as an assistant film Director at the Gorky film Studio, wh ere she worked for a long time in many famous film projects. Apparently, this factor was the main reason that she never gave an interview? Apparently, this was due to the superimposition of her acting inferiority complex, as well as the anxiety that the destructiveness of the media caused in her.
My analysis of almost all of Nina Ivanova's films showed that she, thanks to her talent, always deserved a close-up and was able to work in it! Isn't this one of the main components of a movie actor's professionalism?
Many film actors have clips and their removal often depends on the talent of the film Director. It happens that the eyes of one character in one of the fragments of the movie do not correspond to his emotional state. Movies are not Theater, you can't hide your eyes.
During kinokasting-the main zone is the eyes.... and how they correspond to the played , created, felt emotion. The tenth take can kill the intended emotion, and this will pull the eyes!
A movie actor must work on himself so that he can earn a close-Up!
The great film actress Nina Ivanova had an acting talent and always deserved a close-up. Therefore, it would be wrong to talk about her unprofessionalism, but for some reason Ivanova believed in this opinion and this hindered her in her film career. She never found a film Director who would remove this complex of acting inferiority from her.
We don't know much about Nina Ivanova as a person, but we felt her look and soul closely.
According to the stories of relatives and neighbors, she was a spiritual person and helped sick people and animals as a professional medical worker.
And spring on Zarechnaya street, thanks to the outstanding film actress Nina Ivanova, will always come to us and we will nostalgically remember our charming teachers, and many Russian girls will dream of becoming teachers.
Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education, honored worker of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Ramil Garifullin
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