How do you ask a stranger to put on a mask and not kill you?

How do you ask a stranger to put on a mask and not kill you?
Recently, in St. Petersburg, a man was fatally wounded because of a request to two passengers to wear a mask in a minibus.

When asking a stranger to put on a mask, you need to avoid value judgments and not show aggression.
When interacting with people and their unpredictable reactions, you always need to be careful. There are people who can't be approached or asked for anything at all, they can just kill them. Here are the most classic tips.

First, you need to be a bit of a psychologist and learn to see the aggressive type of people.

Secondly, you do not need to engage in expansion and address a stranger in a Directive form. You can ask politely or indirectly to do this: "you know, I was worried about something. Maybe because you didn't wear a mask. This is my problem, of course, but can you calm me down and put it on anyway?" Do not ask with pathos, do not assert yourself, do not see the interlocutor as an enemy.

In some cases, it is correct to resort to the power of public suggestion.

The second possible approach is to inspire through others. Society is always stronger. If the whole bus starts telling a person that they need to put on a mask — they will be forced to comply. You need to be able to charge the group, work with the environment.

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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