What really happened in the coronavirus year 2020?

What really happened in the coronavirus year 2020?
in my monograph "Psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus" I never considered that it does not exist. But only wrote facts related to what is happening around him. This virus is associated with SARS and flu, which also cause mortality and insidious consequences in some people. Wikipedia still says that this is SARS, but severe, but its severity has already fallen by hundreds of percent than in the spring. Tuff diagnostics.
There are facts for 2020! What happened this year:
1. the World switched to a mask mode that changed the breathing of people on the planet ( lack of oxygen, excess carbon dioxide, increased humidity of the inhaled air). This exacerbates pneumonia and COPD and cardiovascular diseases. . This is serious! Here it is where mortality is meant to be. This is serious! And we are reaping these "fruits"! People were trapped. Not wearing a mask is harmful and wearing it is also harmful!
2 . These victims of wearing masks began to be labeled covid and even those who are non-covid due to testing errors.
3. Politicians, leaders of countries, the world's largest investors and entrepreneurs began to play with SARS and pneumonia. These games are profitable for them, as they have already invested their finances in this game.
Now it is more terrible to have non-visible and non-hospital pneumonia caused by the mask regime in those who rarely remove the mask at work and outside of work. And there are a lot of these studies in Europe and the world. In General, I advise you to read more scientific publications. I write my articles based on scientific articles and analysis by various experts.
And the fact that many media authors bask in the topic of covid, introducing their interests as authors into it, has always been the case.

( see my monograph R. R. Garifullin " Psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus. SARS as a weapon of world economic war:
https://psyfactor.org/lib/garifullin82.htm )

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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