Elon Musk in the fake world of coronavirus.

Elon Musk in the fake world of coronavirus.
American billionaire Elon Musk has handed over the rapid tests for coronavirus, which has had mixed results. He wrote about this on his Twitter

account: "something very strange is Happening. I passed the coronavirus test four times today. Two tests came back negative and two came back positive. The same equipment, test and nurse, " he said.

He pointed out that if errors in tests happened to him, it means that they are possible with all the others. Musk added that he passed tests in other laboratories, and the results will be known within 24 hours.

Finally, an Epiphany is coming! the
testing process, in which the PCR method itself already contains a pre - known result, is a separate scientific Scam that has yet to be investigated. And the first one to be investigated is China. China has traditionally made and makes fakes in various fields.

There is an assumption that there are PCR tests that give only a positive result, but there are also tests that give only a negative result. For example, if a country needs to raise the level of a pandemic for political and economic purposes, they implement tests with a positive outcome. Or Vice versa, if a country needs to lower the level of a pandemic , they buy tests with a negative outcome.

The above provisions are supported by many progressive scientists and doctors, in particular, Belgian, according to research which:

1. the use of a non-specific PCR test, which gives many false positive results, gave a picture of an exponential increase in the number of cases. The tests were carried out on an emergency basis and were never subjected to serious self-testing. The Creator of the test explicitly warned that it is intended for research, not for diagnostics.

2. the PCR Test works with cycles of amplification of genetic material — each time a piece of the genome is amplified. Any infection (for example, with other viruses, remnants of old viral genomes) can lead to false positive results. The test does not measure how many viruses are present in the sample. A real viral infection means the mass presence of viruses, the so-called viral load.

3. If someone tests positive, it doesn't mean that they are actually clinically infected, sick, or about to get sick. Koch's postulate is not fulfilled ("a Pure agent found in a patient with complaints can cause the same complaints in a healthy person").

4. Since a positive PCR result does not automatically indicate an active infection or contagion, this does not justify measures based solely on these tests.

So far, the Scam has been revealed only at the level of test results certificates, but even at this level, countries can show false reports.

By the way, you should always remember that the entire pandemic that occurred in the world was drawn by testing.

Russia only found out that it had a pandemic after it purchased these tests.

The world was afraid not of the number of people actually infected with covid, but of the number of people infected.

By the way, most of those infected were asymptomatic. And there is a possibility that tests with a pre-positive result were applied to non-patients. And it was necessary to apply tests to them with a negative result in advance.

By the way, the problem of PCR test error has not yet been investigated and investigated. The margin of error is high and reaches 50 percent, and this is also close to a Scam. And it is possible that the reason for this lies in the fake testing, which was discussed above.

The problem of the World is drawn by tests.

In one of the pharmacies in Moscow, allegedly counterfeit drugs from the coronavirus were seized for a large amount.

Apparently, the fake era has arrived, in which people suffer from a fake disease, are insured with fake vaccines and consume fake medicines. However, postmodern philosophers wrote about the world of simulacra 20 years ago.

( see my monograph R. R. Garifullin " Psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus. SARS as a weapon of world economic war:
https://psyfactor.org/lib/garifullin82.htm     )

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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