Psychodrama and Psychotrauma of lawyer Pashayev.

Psychodrama and Psychotrauma of lawyer Pashayev.
Psychodrama and Psychotrauma of lawyer Pashayev.
I had to deal with psychoanalysis of famous personalities as part of my project in one of the largest Federal weekly Newspapers. As part of this project, about fifty famous people were psychoanalyzed. You can read about this on the Internet. I conducted this project in the form of a psychoanalytic interview. I decided to shake up the old days. Moreover, there are enough materials accumulated for this. As such a star appeared in the firmament, I chose lawyer Pashayev.

It is known that the entire family of the lawyer Pashayev was killed in an accident. It was a strong Psychotrauma and according to the logic of psychoanalysis, we can confidently say that this past blow to the lawyer's soul continues to affect his life and activities. At the same time, events related to road accidents have the greatest impact on Pashayev's real actions and experiences. This is how Pashayev's psyche filters the world after the trauma that claimed the lives of his loved ones.​

What actions and feelings caused by past psychological trauma​ Pashaeva, should have been, according to psychoanalysis? Where should the transfer reaction or psychological transfer formed by this past Psychotrauma of Pashayev lead? To the sympathy and desire to help all the perpetrators of terrible accidents in Russia, which led to the deaths of many people?​ Or, to considerable antagonism to these culprits?​

The Psychotrauma of the past always leads the victim either to the end of the dialogue with the culprit, and, as a result, the victim becomes easier. Or to protect and resist, leading to avoiding the pain of the past and all situations that can provoke this pain.
Did Pashayev wish to ease the suffering caused by the previous Psychotrauma? Or, on the contrary, isolate yourself from this pain?

The fact that he became a lawyer Ephraim what he's talking about? This is hardly a sign of avoiding past trauma.​ The second option remains. Pashayev decided to complete the story that tormented him after the loss of loved ones. I decided to end this dialogue with the culprits. These are the mechanisms of psychological transference according to psychoanalysis.
In order for Pashayev to organize psychotherapy for his past Psychotrauma, conditions were needed.​ In psychotherapy, there is a method of psychodrama, in which a psychologist, acting as a Director, organizes the acting out of past Psychotrauma. Pashayev, apparently, became this Director. Efremov, as a pliable actor who knows how to perform the Director's tasks, turned out to be good material for Pashayev's psychodrama, and was crushed and destroyed as a person. Therefore, according to Pashayev's scenario, Efremov turned into a pathetic clown and a parrot. All this, of course, caused relief in Pashayev.

By the way, Pashayev himself, after reading this article, may not agree with it. Alas! People are often unaware of these processes. Or it is possible that Pashayev already felt relief from this played out psychodrama, which finally eased his suffering.

The question arises: why was Efremov chosen? After all, Pashayev, how could a lawyer arrange this psychodrama earlier? Apparently, this was due to the fact that earlier psychological mechanisms of resistance worked in him and he avoided past pain? And then, after seeing the problem of Efremov on TV, he did a double psychotherapy , on the one hand, he eased the Psychotrauma, and on the other, he solved his problem of inferiority complex, making a big name for himself.

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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