The Russian covid vaccine as a political act.

The Russian covid vaccine as a political act.
In the spring, the bloated coronavirus panic affected global economic indicators. Now, on the contrary, economic indicators will affect the inflating of the coronavirus panic. This is the economic hysteresis.

As long as they claim that the economic crisis is caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and not by the criminal acts and manipulations that were around this pandemic, there will be nothing useful in the world economy.

Events around the coronavirus are developing so that the etiology of almost all internal diseases will soon be caused only by covid. And where will the billions of people who suffer from these same internal diseases, but not caused by covid, go? Even without covid, these internal diseases had terrifying statistics. Thus, the time has come for an international independent scientific examination and an objective analysis of everything related to covid. Isn't there something similar to the Soviet pseudoscientific Lysenkoism in everything that is happening with covid? Isn't everything that is happening a global international Lysenkoism?

Under the guise of coronavirus problems, there is a global redistribution of property. Russia also maintains these traditions in its domestic property market. Take a look at how property was redistributed in Russia during the coronavirus epic. Analyze those who remained in profit or saved their capital. Take a look at how enthusiastically and enthusiastically the problem of coronavirus is perceived by the authorities. The people are prepared for another portion of inadequate coronavirus phobia, which you can't spread on bread.

Based on the analysis of objective facts of what is happening and has been happening around the coronavirus, it is necessary to recognize that the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus will depend on the policies and economies of individual world leading actors, that is, on their decisions. In turn, this decision will depend on the global political and economic situation, in particular, in Russia and Europe.

Not only the level of experts, but also their palette is amazing. Games and manipulations around the coronavirus continue. And such articles are only part of these games.

The world has not yet gathered for an objective scientific forum with the involvement of independent world experts, that is, those who do not sit and earn money on investments in this problem.

The Chinese have thrown into the World their dubious scientific paradigm about the coronavirus, on which testing is based, which has a large margin of error, and are silent.

Thus, Russia's announcement to develop a vaccine was most of all a political act not to support the second wave of coronavirus, if it starts to shake the world's leading economic powers.

( R. R. Garifullin, Psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus. SARS as a weapon of world economic war:

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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