Nine questions about the controversy surrounding the coronavirus.

Nine questions about the controversy surrounding the coronavirus.
1. Why still do not provide comparative statistics on mortality and morbidity from non-specific pneumonia for correctness?
2. Why did China shut down data on covid statistics in the first place?
3. Why is there still no recognition of false statistics caused by a large error in diagnosis
4. Why haven't we held an international scientific forum on the problem of coronavirus, manipulation and misinformation around it?
5. Why is there a clear correlation between covid prevalence indicators and political and economic processes in the world, and why has covid become a tool?
6. Why are all countries still sitting on the Chinese scientific covid-Virology paradigm, which has not been subjected to independent scientific expertise?
7. Why Virology after the appearance of covid ceased to be respected by the layman and clogged ? There are jokes about Virology.
8. Why does the world still have to prove to a significant part of the population that covid is serious?
9. Why haven't the true reasons for the presence of a huge number of people in the world who have covid, but do not show signs of the disease ( asymptomatic and most of them on the planet) been identified? Name at least one viral, infectious disease that would have infected a significant part of the world, but would not have been ill and did not show signs of suffering?

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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