Belarus and a look beyond the Horizon.

Belarus and a look beyond the Horizon.
Events in Belarus are specific. You need to look beyond the Horizon:

1. All these events have worsened due to the sharp deterioration of the economic situation caused by the criminal world quarantine and the spring isolation of countries around the world, including Russia. And Belarus is linked to Russia by an umbilical cord.

2. the Weakening of the political and economic situation in the countries and regions that are located on the edges of Russia has a General character. The concept of revolutions on the edges of Russia is gradually starting to work, since for this purpose, negative economic conditions caused by the quarantine-coronavirus syndrome were artificially created.

3. The likelihood that may crash the system-Russia Region, is growing every day. If this happens, the very first thing that political scientists will talk about later will be the opinion that the conspiracy theorists were right after all, and the project to humiliate oil prices was a project tied to the controversial coronavirus dragon developed by the US-China tandem. Economic and political prostitute China is now silent and the true situation with the coronavirus is under lock and key. China has imposed a scientific infectious coronavirus paradigm on the world that requires independent scientific expertise worldwide. And the international Tribunal for the initiators of the world quarantine, which brought down the economy of many countries, is still far away, because it looks like the world economic-coronavirus project will go to the second round. This approach will most likely be made in order to aggravate the economic situation of weak countries on the one hand, and on the other, to use self-isolation as a way to isolate the European citizen from political activity, since the events in Belarus will affect Europe .

For more information, see R. R. Garifullin, Psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus . ARVI as a weapon of the world economic war, 2020, Psi-factor:

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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