A book on the psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus has been published

A book on the psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus has been published
My monograph was published
"Psychology of manipulation around the coronavirus. SARS as a weapon of world economic war". In fact, it is a collection consisting of my articles in various media, including Echo of Moscow. To
In the abstract, the book States:
"The coronavirus is a dangerous reality, but it is also a dangerous reality that there are manipulations and bluffs around the coronavirus. The collection contains articles devoted to the analysis of controversial and manipulative processes associated with coronavirus, due to which the economy of all countries of the world was paralyzed. The author was one of the first to see and describe these manipulations around the coronavirus as part of a project caused by the problems of the global financial system. All this was described by the author at the very beginning of the coronavirus epic.

Now, when there are many authors who with some delay began to write on the topic of manipulations around the coronavirus, this work began to be of even greater interest. After all, pioneer work is always significant. The articles are listed in chronology, so you can follow how everything developed. The value of this work may manifest itself later, when, thanks to scientific research and judicial investigations, an objective assessment of everything that happened on our planet in the spring of 2020 will finally be given.

Now, thanks to the media and the Internet, conditions are being created that allow you to heat up artificial chaos and manage it. This is done in order to avoid real chaos. The idea that the right time has come for someone to take the entire world economy into their own hands with the help of various chimeras and imaginary epidemics that cause panic cannot be dismissed.

The author gave a philosophical understanding of the coronavirus epic as a component of the postmodern era, in which the essence of many world institutions is distorted.

All articles presented in this collection have been published in major world and Russian media: Echo of Moscow, SecurityLab.ru, World News, Yandex, Tatar-inform, etc.

The book is recommended for all those affected by this controversial coronavirus epic.

Here is a link to the electronic edition (the book is published on the largest Federal educational psychological site "Psi-factor"):

Sincerely, associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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