What do silent dead people with coronavirus talk about?

What do silent dead people with coronavirus talk about?
We have already noted that the World will continue to plunge into the cycles of the world's false anti-coronavirus shoo-in, which means that all this is still far from being investigated. And only the leaders of Sweden and Japan will keep their honor! But for how long! Even now, bullying and bullying in the world's media has begun against Sweden. There are manipulative and false articles about the dangerous situation in Sweden, although the death statistics in this country do not stand out from the statistics of other countries. A similar fate awaits Japan. The rotten global financial system wants to put Japan and Sweden in a position that has put all the countries of the world in.

Coronavirus phobia will significantly decrease if they stop taking a test for coronavirus in non-coronavirus deaths. To attribute covid to the living is fraught and responsible. Dead silencers are not so responsible. And this is terrible! Death statistics from covid-19 are the most questionable topic, due to the fact that it is still unknown what exactly is being diagnosed and how much is being diagnosed corresponds to the coronavirus. The validity of tests for covid-19 is low. In such circumstances, bringing statistics to the media is a sophisticated form of manipulation.

The late African-American rebel was found to have a coronavirus.
Will self-isolation be returned to the US in order to relieve social tension?
The United States with tests started so much that Russia has to explain why the low percentage of infection. It is the US, together with the foreign policy prostitute China, that should be responsible for its miracles of diagnosis and for its false anti-coronavirus shoo-in as an instrument of global influence.

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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