Manipulations around the coronavirus continue.

Manipulations around the coronavirus continue.
1. the Global global speculative market, which is one of the tools of the rotten global financial system, is hungry for huge and record-breaking changes in market indicators . There is a separate caste among these speculators. She's already skimmed the cream on the coronavirus epic. Perhaps all sorts of Soros-gates and others again in this group. They have already invested in the second wave of coronavirus and it will come not because of the spread of the coronavirus, but because of the large financial appetites of this caste. And again, the world's media, which is in the hands of this caste, will try to manipulate the world. And again, the leaders of countries that have sold out to this caste will do everything to bring the second wave of coronavirus. The world will continue to sink into the cycles of the world's false anti-coronavirus shoo-in, which means that investigations of all this are still far away. And only the leaders of Sweden and Japan will keep their honor! But for how long!
2. in the meantime, it turns out that children before the pioneer camp will not be tested for covid-19. And how can you trust covid-19 testing based on a dubious Chinese scientific model? The validity of these tests is only now beginning to be investigated and investigated in the framework of virtual scientific conferences. Hurry up! So someone needs it! Time will tell who needed it and why!
3. Recently, the Ministry of health listed all the signs of covid in the elderly. Just a sense of humor! It would be better to list all the signs of dementia and functional disorders of old people. They have no covid as with a covid.It's all muddy! The time will come for independent scientific examinations, research and investigations. It takes time!
4. Replaced the hidden manipulation of about anticolonialism nix proved in Sweden and Japan, will come other manipulation. Watch!

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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