What do tests on covid-19 measure and does it have to do with this virus?

What do tests on covid-19 measure and does it have to do with this virus?
The key mechanism that allows testing for covid-19 has not passed a worthy international expertise and time testing. There was a rush, time pressure and panic....The world trusted the scientists of China. Validity (does the measured value relate to the virus itself?) testing is still controversial in the scientific world.
In Russia, there are still no studies of comparative analysis of electron microscopy data of this virus and indirect methods of its detection, which are used to test the masses.
If only Peskov had a smear taken in front of his eyes. Processed it for electron microscopy and this official saw it in nature, you could believe it. So far, the reliability and validity of testing is low.
Most likely, the reason for the appearance of a giant army of infected covid-19, who do not have any symptoms of the disease, is due to the problem of the validity of a test that measures something else that is not related to the covid-19 virus.
Those who have symptoms of severe SARS and test positive for covid-19 due to the low validity of the test suffer something different.
With all the above, there are also those patients who really suffer because of covid-19.
Thus, in any case, an independent global scientific examination of the key mechanisms underlying covid-19 testing is needed.

The world returns to Itself after a False world shoo-In, but at what a terrible socio-economic cost it returns!... And yet, this return is pleasing! But the World will be happy when the hegemonic Gate-Voz structures will be held responsible!

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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