About coronavirus as a tool of national policy

About coronavirus as a tool of national policy
Tatarstan is a relatively stable region and therefore we will not be exposed to the risk of spreading coronavirus. I worry about Dagestan.

This is disturbing. But to look at the problem more objectively, you only need to answer three questions:

1. Is not all this a tool to relieve social tension in Dagestan caused by the dedofunding of the Dating region due to a sharp decline in financial flows caused by economic factors in the era of manipulation with coronavirus?

2. How reliable are these statistics, how did they get them, and whether they are mixed up with other causes of death?

3. Who initiated the dissemination and promotion of the above information?

If the coronavirus begins to spread in the southern republics of Russia in the summer, but in the European part of Russia this atrocity will not occur, then this will be a consequence of the policy towards the southern republics, and not the health problems of the southern regions.

The national security of the southern regions in times of lack of financial resources is a serious problem. The silence of the southern republics has so far been at the expense of the Russian Treasury.

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences

Ramil Garifullin
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