Sometimes, our something internal and native, entered into interaction with the environment, is not taken back, just as our saliva, which was on a clean plate, will never become our own, even if we put it back in your mouth.
The above phenomenon can be extended to thoughts. If we assume that our thoughts somehow interact directly with the outside world. In particular, if we assume that someone perceives and listens to our thoughts, then a rejection phenomenon is possible, similar to the rejection of saliva that has been outside our mouth. By the way, there are such mental disorders in which there is a rejection of thoughts, as someone made and someone sent to the brain of these sufferers.
With normal functioning of the psyche, people are given the illusion that the thoughts that came to the brain are "native" and"close". Scientific and psychological analysis of the appearance of thoughts shows that they have nothing to do with us and fall to us from sources that we are not the owners of.
Thus, people who suffer from rejection of their thoughts, who perceive them not as their own, but as alien and made by someone from outside, may be aware of the real mechanisms of the psyche. And most people who do not have such disorders perceive their thoughts as something close and native, although this is only an illusion. This is the normal majority of humanity, perhaps far from understanding and feeling the real mechanisms of the psyche.
There are people who are irritated by the fact that their thoughts are "listening" to the Almighty. Some are tolerant of it, and some suffer from it.
A person has a desire that no one should perceive his thoughts, except the bearer of these thoughts. The fact that no one but ourselves can perceive our thoughts - is this reality or just our illusion? Here is a riddle!
Do not confuse the above analyses with the phenomenon of obsessive thoughts that people suffer from. Obsessive thoughts remain their own for a person, despite the fact that they are very annoying.
In addition, with all the above, it should be noted that it is not necessary to confuse the ability of people, sometimes, to feel other people, to feel the thinking of those who have not yet expressed their thoughts. This is not exactly the same perception of thought. These are only certain shadows and traces of the essence of thought, which is accessible only to its bearer. Although there are studies that show that people tend to protect themselves from having their thoughts determined by no one. A person feels more comfortable when he is convinced that the secret of his inner world will remain only with him. Artists who Express their thoughts are only an expression of a past psychic trace, and not a phenomenon associated with the fact that the artist's thoughts are perceived in the "here and now" mode, as if penetrating the brain. From such penetration into the brain, any artist will always refuse.

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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