Conspiracy theory as a global us gag on those who try to uncover the real conspiracies of this country.

Conspiracy theory as a global us gag on those who try to uncover the real conspiracies of this country.
The United States, as the leader and source of real conspiracies that fill the world of political science, is itself opposed to the conspiracy theory, as a kind of global gag, with which this Hegemon wants to muzzle all those who want to investigate and detect conspiracies in it.

There are conspiracies at different levels as a fact and this can be confirmed by representatives of investigative agencies that actually disclose these plots. At the same time, any investigator will also confirm how difficult it is to resist the lawyers of devils who are engaged in protecting conspirators, by gluing the investigators with guilt in conspiracy theory and the contrivance of charges. It takes a lot of time for an investigator not to be labeled a misguided victim of a conspiracy theory, that is, a conspiracy theorist.

Obsessive - compulsive neurosis, aspirations, dreams, wishful thinking , generalization, projection of our consciousness caused by needs-these are just a few of the psychological grounds that lead to the emergence of conspiracy theory or conspiracy theory. But there is one main component missing from this list: the chronic and eternal underdevelopment of human knowledge of reality. It is the latter factor that will always be the reason why there will always be a small and large share of conspiracy in any human reasoning. Any attempt of a philosopher to generalize or create an ontology is always connected with deep conspiracy. The subjective component of any author, especially in the humanitarian sphere, is difficult to remove. Philosophers as artists of deep meanings always have a small or large share of conspiracy theory. Deep logician, always understands that his logic is limited and has conventions

The so-called theory of imaginary logic doesn't just exist. Not to mention that Aristotelian classical logic has long lost its relevance in the postmodern era.

Of course, there is scientific knowledge in which the share of conspiracy is minimal, but a deep philosopher and logician will always point out the assumptions on which the real scientific fact is based and the errors of this fact. Take a look at how Newton's classical mechanics changed into relativistic mechanics. Therefore, any scientific model sooner or later always runs into contradictions and the original model begins to rise as something that previously had a conspiracy component, caused by the limitations of the author of the model, as well as his subjective desires and aspirations as a scientist to drive reality into the author's understanding. Otherwise, science is impossible!

It is clear that there are obvious and inadequate representatives of conspiracy theory associated with the psychological characteristics of the authors who Express their opinions. These psychological features can be vanity, neuroticism, schizoid accentuation, pragmatism, professional egocentrism, intellectual and emotional-volitional disorders, cognitive distortions, illusions as a result of underdevelopment of thinking and perception, etc. Conspiracy theorists caused by these reasons are easy to expose and identify. But this article is written in order to denote the idea that there are more developed subjects that do not have the above psychological features, but at the same time, even in their reasoning, there will always be a share of conspiracy, as one of the main components of the mechanisms of the living process of knowledge and creating models of reality. Any scientist can always be reproached for his limitations, caused by a share of misconceptions and subjectivism. This is indicated by the phenomenology of Husserl. Man is a being who possesses only ideas and phenomena, not reality.

Therefore, the modern postmodern philosophy, which rejects the essence and search for meanings, in favor of the game of quasi-soulless and quasi-meanings, is very adequate with a minimum of conspiracy. The world is playing to the bone and it is not worth preserving it in some unchanging models and entities. In this approach, there is a relatively minimal level of philosophical and scientific conspiracy, since science is always now something alive and becoming, when there is no support for the unchangeable. This condition does not allow conspiracy theorists of different levels to abuse it. Such postmodern conditions will always quickly expose misconceptions, including conspiracy ones.

I myself, as the author of this book about manipulation and bluff around the coronavirus as a dangerous reality, which I explored in this complex coronavirus time, guided by postmodern approaches to the current situation around the coronavirus and projects around it, applying my intuition , which matured in the bosom and context of the postmodern approach to reality, I hope that my reasoning had a relatively low share of conspiracy, compared to the authors who submit to the tasks of the Russian authorities. These authors are various TV presenters, publicists of Federal and regional electronic, print and Internet media.

Associate Professor of the Institute of psychology and education of KFU, candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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