A fairy tale about a king who almost lost his state because of the sneezing of the people.

A fairy tale about a king who almost lost his state because of the sneezing of the people.
There was a king. He ruled well and without worries. He liked to sniff tobacco, and then sneezed with happiness so that the ground shook.
And the news reached him that an alien enemy was taking over the land without war, sending an infectious, deadly sneeze at the enemy. The king was afraid and stopped taking snuff. He was also afraid for his people, who might die from sneezing. And he ordered his servants to find out if the enemy had let a deadly sneeze fall on his people? The servants found out and told him that the people both sneezed and sneezed. The king was greatly distressed. And the Queen calms him, saying, don't sneeze at the people, because the people have sneezed before. The Queen could not convince the king that it was not because of an enemy infection that the people sneezed.
"This still needs to be checked!" - said the king to the Queen and ordered to check all sneezers and report to him. He gave the order to announce to the people about all who sneezes. The king was afraid of losing his people.
Every morning now, the heralds read out the lists of sneezers loudly. The people were intimidated by sneezing and lived in fear. The state was large and so the lists were also large. The list of sneezers took a long time to read, and every day it grew by leaps and bounds.
The king ordered all his soldiers to watch and guard all the inhabitants of his state, so that they would stay at home and not infect each other with dangerous sneezes. Many warriors were needed. People stayed at home, stopped working and the state Treasury was emptied.

Meanwhile, a foreign enemy attacked the state. There was no one to fight the enemy, all the soldiers were busy and protected their people from sneezing. Felt the king of the impending disaster. How to save the state from the enemy?
The king remembered how he used to sneeze from snuff so hard that the ground shook! The king had a large supply of this snuff. And the king ordered to distribute this tobacco to all the people. The king gathered all his people. I went out to him with tobacco in my hands and ordered all the people to smell it and sneeze at the same time.
And the people sneezed! Sneezed so hard that the ground shook! So people sneezed for a long time. The earth was shaking without a break! The alien enemy was afraid and decided not to take this trembling and bad land. The enemy has left the land of the people.
The king understood that the foreign enemy did not let any dangerous sneezing on his state. The king realized that he did not have the wisdom to spit on the dubious news that almost destroyed his state.
You need to be able to sneeze on time!

Associate Professor of the Department of pedagogical psychology of IPO KFU,
candidate of psychological Sciences Ramil Garifullin
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