Notepad++ Plugin Notepad# 1.5 - Local Exploit


Дата публикации:
Notepad ++ 6.3.2
Тип воздействия:
Компрометация системы


# Exploit Title: Notepad++ - Notepad# plugin local exploit
# Google Dork:
# Date: 2013-12-01
# Exploit Author: Sun Junwen
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: Notepad ++ 6.3.2 with Notepad# plugin (1.5) and Explorer plugin
# Tested on: Windows XP SP3 EN
# CVE :
1. Poc
With Notepad# plugin (1.5) and Explorer plugin (1.8.2) installed in Notepad
++ 6.3.2, open the html file in attachement, click Enter in the last
</script> tag, Npp will crash and calc.exe will open. Without Explorer
plugin, these still can be exploit. Explorer plugin makes this easier.
2. Root cause
NotepadSharp plugin has several stack buffer overflow bug.
In its PluginDefinition.cpp file, there are some char buffer whose length
are 9999. They are all defined on stack.
So if some strcpy/memcpy copy more than 9999 chars to these buffers, it
leads to a stack overflow.
3. Tested on
Windows XP SP3 EN
Notepad ++ 6.3.2
Notepad# plugin (1.5) and Explorer plugin (1.8.2)
Sun Junwen
Trendmicro, CDC