Mikrotik RouterOS sshd (ROSSSH) - Remote Preauth Heap Corruption Exploit


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Mikrotik RouterOS
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Компрометация системы


During an audit the Mikrotik RouterOS sshd (ROSSSH) has been identified to have a remote previous to authentication heap corruption in its sshd component.
Exploitation of this vulnerability will allow full access to the router device.
This analysis describes the bug and includes a way to get developer access to recent versions of Mikrotik RouterOS
using the /etc/devel-login file. This is done by forging a modified NPK file using a correct signature and logging
into the device with username ‘devel’ and the password of the administrator. This will drop into a busybox shell for
further researching the sshd vulnerability using gdb and strace tools that have been compiled for the Mikrotik busybox
Shodanhq.com shows >290.000 entries for the ROSSSH search term.
The 50 megs Mikrotik package including the all research items can be downloaded here: